Veterans Day (a.k.a Remembrance Day, Canada)

Heyoo!!! Hope everyone is doing well as we break into November. 😉 And speaking of November, not only does it mean turkey, but also a little thing called Veteran’s Day.  Remembrance Day if you’re Canadian. *shout out to Sir Nacho* XD Veterans Day is a day to remember our United States veterans, no matter if […]

Fifteen Years Ago Today

September Eleventh, 2016 You need only look at your calendar to realize the significance of this day. It’s been fifteen years. Fifteen years since just under three thousand firemen, police officers, and civilians lost their lives in fault to the worst American-targeted attack since Pearl Harbor. I wasn’t alive to remember that. But my parents […]

Looking Back, I Know One Thing

So, I’m on spring break right now, and Thursday I realized something. This is my last break before I become a Freshman in high school. And as I look back on my 3 years of middle school, I’ve recognized something.   School is supposed to give you a good education. But an education, to me, […]