Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing you guys a Happy Valentines, and if you have that special someone, hope you’re with them now. If you’re like me (single), then Happy Single Awareness Day! LOL 😀 A friend and I figured out that without the “happy”, the initials spell sad. S-Single, A-Awareness, D-Day. SAD Though dad prefers it that way. 🙂

My school decided to do a thing called “Have a Heart, Give a Heart”, We bought valentines cookies the week before Valentine’s Day, and then gave them out on Friday. ( Is it me, or does the title itself kind of sound like the name of a charity?)

I’m spending my weekend watching a wrestling tournament-Regionals, then Sectionals, and then State. It’s for my older brother who has been wrestling since 7th grade. He’s a Senior now, and It’s grown on me. In the beginning, I didn’t really care about it. Now I’m at the edge of the mat cheering and screaming him on like everyone else. Forget staying on the bleachers! No one ever really pays attention to that rule in wrestling anyway! Also if you have a camera they’ll let you.


Hope you didn’t spend too much money on a gift. Did you know that overall, we drop a whopping 18.6 billion dollars nationwide on gifts for our pets, family, spouses, and friends?

How does that happen? Well….

An average American spends about $131 each year. And that’s just to give you the general, individual breakdown.

We spend an average of 1.6 billion dollars on candy, and about 1.9 billion on flowers. Then we spend close to an additional $5 on pets, (if you own one).

And of the 54% of guys that buy flowers for that special person, 51% choose the traditional red roses. As my father always told me when I was little, (or was it my mother?), The red roses mean love, pink means you like like them , and the white means you just like them as friends. That being said, hope those of you  who have a “significant other”  received red roses. (Call them what you wish-I’ll just call them a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, or husband/wife),


That’s all for now. What are you doing for Valentines Day? Hoping for a date? A proposal? Just a good, kind, loving boyfriend/girlfriend?


Whichever you are,  have a wonderful Valentines Day.


-Kaybae ❤ ❤ ❤


Have any feedback? Like the post? Hate the post? Got a comment? I’ll be sure to respond.


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