Looking Back, I Know One Thing

So, I’m on spring break right now, and Thursday I realized something.

This is my last break before I become a Freshman in high school.

And as I look back on my 3 years of middle school, I’ve recognized something.


School is supposed to give you a good education. But an education, to me, is more than just being able to get a degree, get a job, and make a living. School, and really mostly late middle school, and probably high school (I don’t know how I would I, I haven’t been there yet) doesn’t just teach you how to solve your math problems and pass your exams.

It also helps you pass your tests.


Most of the friends we make from ages 5-18 are through school. We meet people, get to know them, start hanging out, etc.

Which means that we probably meet the people who will teach us the biggest life lessons…at school.  Some of our best friends will be the people we’ve known since third grade. Some of the people who keep you sane…you probably met because you went to school with them.

Hopefully the lessons they teach you will help you pass the stones that life will throw at you, and at the worst possible time.

My point is, I really think that school does less to help you get a job than it does to form you into the person you are today, or will become in the future.

Our teachers, mentors, friends, and peers all teach us something, in some form or another.

You may have an old mentor that taught you to be determined. 

You may have a close friend, who taught you to stand up for what you believe in. 

You may have a peer, who taught you  that reaching out and trusting your instincts can result in chaos, but someday you’ll look back at your younger self and think, “hey, that experience may have sucked, but it taught me one hell of a lesson”

You may find a friend who will teach you so much in such a short amount of time that she will change you forever. 

These people? I assure you, at least 95% of those reading this will look back and think…Yeah. I met them in high school. 

Because the experiences you have as an adolescent mold you into someone else each time. Hopefully, that person is a better you.

I don’t have a specific religion because I have my own religion, sewn from experience and my own, personal beliefs. And of all the things I believe or don’t believe, I can tell you that I believe this;

Everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. Because they’re going to change you life in some way, or you’re going to change theirs. Big or Small, for better or for worse. 

Everyone you’ve met in life, you met for a reason. You just don’t know that reason until you look back on it.   

I hope you can look back at your younger self and think, Wow, i’ve grown a lot. And I have so much more to learn. 



Have any feedback? Like the post? Hate the post? Got a comment? A life experience you’d like to share? I’ll be sure to respond. 


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