Hey everyone!!!

So, Halloween is just around the corner, eh?

That’s an understatement.

We all know that fall is here. It’s not hard to know that from where I am. Summer festivities have ended, and we now begin to enter the holiday season.

First in line comes October 31st. The day where we dress up as what or whoever we wish, and we walk around getting candy from our neighbors. As it may be, it seems that I have grown too old for that. I’m certain I won’t want to these next two years, with the fact that I recently got my braces on. Half of the candy I will be unable to eat! However, I have planned a Halloween party.

Then we hit Thanksgiving. The day when we gather as a family and give thanks for everything we have. This is the time where we may see a cornucopia, as well as turkey, stuffing and rolls. No one cooks better than Grandma!!! XD

Finally, we reach the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas. Most will go to church that day. Others will stay at home and have fondue, while driving around to go see the light show homes around the city. (That’s what we do!). But, nevertheless, we all wake up that morning to a pile of gifts around the Christmas tree. It’s one of those annual moments that  in our lives, which we shall never forget, especially in our childhood.

So, after all of that, we end our holiday break with New Year’s Eve. Or day. Most everyone stays up until past midnight, so I haven’t a clue which one to call it.

So, as we kick off the holiday season, and begin a whole new year, tell me about your holiday plans! What’s your Halloween costume? What are you hoping to receive for Christmas? Tell me in the comments! 😀


Have any feedback? Like the post? Hate the post? Got a comment? I’ll be sure to respond.


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