God Made Girls-What Do You Think?

Hi guys! Hope you are having a great summer break! Sorry, I know I haven’t posted in a while. I can’t write if I have nothing to write about!!

Today I want to bring up a considerably debatable topic.

Has anyone heard heard of the song “God Made Girls”, by Raelynn? If not, feel free to take a listen.

Pay attention to the lyrics and leave me a comment on your opinion after reading this post.

I found this song on a couple months ago, while randomly scrolling through YouTube’s music collection. Within the first couple times I listened to it,  I fell in love with it. She’s talking about human integrity, and how women were created to complement men, as well as the other way around right? A couple days ago, I was listening to it while scrolling through the comments, a habit I somehow developed over time, being cautious on social media. I found a collection of comments that basically said that the song was sexist garbage. The first time I read these, my first thought was, What the hell are you talking about?!” And then I went back and listened to the song again, really paying attention to the lyrics, and how she wrote the song. After doing this, I decided to post a comment, replying to a specific comment that had been posted a little while earlier. This was the comment I responded to;

Its demeaning towards both genders. Seems like without girls, poor boys wont have any toys to play with. I know she probably didn’t mean for the song to sound this way, but it really does

And here’s my response to that:

That might be what you hear, but it’s not her message. There’s a certain part in the song where shes talking about how girls were created to complement other, and a very specific part. “Something soft and loud and sweet and proud, but tough enough to break a heart/Something beautiful, unbreakable, that lights up in the dark” I admit i listen to the lyrics and hear some parts that are sexist (Somebody’s gotta be the one to cry/somebody’s gotta let him drive), but that’s certainly not the message she’s trying to send. She’s talking about the integrity of women and girls out there. I get that some of the things about girls that she mentioned seem kinda stereotypical, but i hope you recognize that she wrote an incredible song about feminine strength

And that all came from me. A few weeks later I received replies saying things like; “I’m so glad that someone can look past that crap and see what she really wrote about” My point in this was exactly as it sounds-there are plenty of parts during the song where she is being disrespectful towards both genders. But however true that may be, the song’s message rings clear and true.  It’s a message that I love to hear. Girls are strong but weak, beautiful and loud, soft but tough,, and above all – true. That’s why the first part I quoted is my favorite part. Soft but loud, sweet but proud, tough, beautiful, and unbreakable. Without us, men would not be the same, and without men, we would not be the same. A person can break a heart, but not another person.

Let me know what you think of this song. Do you have a different view point? Just want to share your thoughts? I’ll be sure to respond. 



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