The Cat’s Pajamas!!!!!!! :)


Order of people from left to right:                 Skinner, Samsky, Donovan, Dale. I don’t believe the last guy is there anymore. See pictures of Peter on the gallery!

Anyone heard of The Cat’s Pajama’s vocal band? It’s a famous acapella group created by Skinner, who does Bass/Beat Boxes in the group. They call his role “Beat Bass”. Anyway, they came to my school on Thursday, and if we wanted, students could skip their second-to-last class of the day to come meet them before the rest of the school. Naturally, I was one of the about 60 the chose to. There was an assembly afterwards, and they gave us a little taste of what their concert that night would be like.

Okay, so now let me get this out there. I’m not usually one of those girls who squeals and screams when they see a band they like.

That being said, I had rehearsal for my school musical that night – and I couldn’t sing higher than an E.  (for those of you that can read music, I’m referring to an E still on the staff. Its on the last space, but not above the top line)

I was squealing and screaming so much that I nearly lost my voice. And that was before the full performance. However……..SO WORTH IT! (:

The full concert that night lasted (including intermission) until about 9:30 central time. It started at 7……..Yes, a school “concert” lasted about 2 and a half hours. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! 😀 <3<3<3<3<3 And I’m just counting the duration of the intermission, in addition to both halves of the concert. Plus, I stayed and extra half hour for autographs and pictures, and therefore did not get home until about 10. AND, I was physicked because I got a pic with my favourite member. (Donovan)

So, despite the fact that I could barely get up Friday morning, I do not regret a minute of it.

To any of you who go to my school and were at either the assembly or night performance, feel free to comment on what you thought of them. (Sir Nacho!!) Also, be sure to check out the small gallery below. 🙂


Have any feedback? Like the post? Hate the post? Got a comment? I’ll be sure to respond.


3 thoughts on “The Cat’s Pajamas!!!!!!! :)

  1. Hey gurl. I’ve finally read this (sorry I took so long life was happening). But I totally agree those guys were HAWT. You know me, I generally don’t get all boy crazy unless it come to Leo Valdez. Anyways there is NOTHING more attractive than singing dancing a cappella guys. I so wish I could have gone.

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