Veterans Day (a.k.a Remembrance Day, Canada)

Heyoo!!! Hope everyone is doing well as we break into November. 😉

And speaking of November, not only does it mean turkey, but also a little thing called Veteran’s Day.  Remembrance Day if you’re Canadian. *shout out to Sir Nacho* XD

Veterans Day is a day to remember our United States veterans, no matter if they served in war, or were just a part of the service.  My grandfather was enlisted in the Army, and was overseas during his time.  He met my Grandmother while in France.

So now you’re about to get a whole load of info from me about my Grandfather’s time in the military.

…Well, kind of.  I try not to get boring, promise.

My grandfather was trained on construction machinery.  He was sent to France in February of 1956.  After six months, he was asked to transfer to a supply office at a major engineer depot in Toul, France.  There he met my grandmother, whom I now call Memere, and they wed in 1957.

He was offered a full time position with a Medical company in the Guard due to his EMT status, and became the full time AST for the unit.  AST stands for Administrative Supply Technician.  He was also the Senior Medical NCO in the unit of the Brigade Surgeons section, and in that position was responsible for the welfare of 500 personnel while on duty.

He received various medals, but the most notable are:

ARCOM (Army Commendation Metal) 5th award

AAM (Army Achievement Medal) (2)

MSM (Meritorious Service Medal) (1)

AAFRM (Armed Forces Reserve Medal) (1)

OSR (Overseas Service Ribbon)

ASR Army service Ribbon

EXPELDMD (Expert Field Medical Badge)

He and my grandmother moved to Florida October of 1993, and he officially retired from the US Army December of 1997. All in all, he spent around 41 years of his life in the army.  And I’m proud to say that my grandfather spent most of his life serving his country.

So tell me about your family history.  Do you have a loved one who is retired Military?  Maybe someone on active duty.  I’d love to hear your stories.

And a huge thank you to all veterans. Thank you for serving your country and preserving America’s freedom.

Do you know a retired veteran? Maybe you have a friend or family member on active duty, and would like to get the stress off of your chest? Or maybe YOU are a veteran or are on active duty. Like what you’re reading? Feel free to follow me, and leave me comment below. I’ll be sure to respond.  



Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing you guys a Happy Valentines, and if you have that special someone, hope you’re with them now. If you’re like me (single), then Happy Single Awareness Day! LOL 😀 A friend and I figured out that without the “happy”, the initials spell sad. S-Single, A-Awareness, D-Day. SAD Though dad prefers it that way. 🙂

My school decided to do a thing called “Have a Heart, Give a Heart”, We bought valentines cookies the week before Valentine’s Day, and then gave them out on Friday. ( Is it me, or does the title itself kind of sound like the name of a charity?)

I’m spending my weekend watching a wrestling tournament-Regionals, then Sectionals, and then State. It’s for my older brother who has been wrestling since 7th grade. He’s a Senior now, and It’s grown on me. In the beginning, I didn’t really care about it. Now I’m at the edge of the mat cheering and screaming him on like everyone else. Forget staying on the bleachers! No one ever really pays attention to that rule in wrestling anyway! Also if you have a camera they’ll let you.


Hope you didn’t spend too much money on a gift. Did you know that overall, we drop a whopping 18.6 billion dollars nationwide on gifts for our pets, family, spouses, and friends?

How does that happen? Well….

An average American spends about $131 each year. And that’s just to give you the general, individual breakdown.

We spend an average of 1.6 billion dollars on candy, and about 1.9 billion on flowers. Then we spend close to an additional $5 on pets, (if you own one).

And of the 54% of guys that buy flowers for that special person, 51% choose the traditional red roses. As my father always told me when I was little, (or was it my mother?), The red roses mean love, pink means you like like them , and the white means you just like them as friends. That being said, hope those of you  who have a “significant other”  received red roses. (Call them what you wish-I’ll just call them a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance, or husband/wife),


That’s all for now. What are you doing for Valentines Day? Hoping for a date? A proposal? Just a good, kind, loving boyfriend/girlfriend?


Whichever you are,  have a wonderful Valentines Day.


-Kaybae ❤ ❤ ❤


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Fifteen Years Ago Today

September Eleventh, 2016

You need only look at your calendar to realize the significance of this day.

It’s been fifteen years.

Fifteen years since just under three thousand firemen, police officers, and civilians lost their lives in fault to the worst American-targeted attack since Pearl Harbor.

I wasn’t alive to remember that. But my parents were. My grandparents were.

Most adults can remember where they were at that moment. Not long after 8:20 am, family and friends were exchanging calls and texts, telling each other one thing; Turn on the TV 

What they saw when they turned on the screen was unbelieveable. It was one of those times where you don’t want to watch, but you can’t take your eyes off of the screen.  People jumping out of 90th story windows, because they wanted to die their own way.  Not at the hand of terrorists.

Not only did we see the evidence, we heard it. Phone calls from people on board Flight 93. People in the buildings. Messages left on the phones of loved ones, telling that they loved them.

This was, and still is, one of the most tragic events in American history. Possibly the most.

Most kids my age just hear the stories. Most of us weren’t there. If we were, we were too young to really remember anything.

So today, I realized how lucky kids of my age are. We are the the descendants of the fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters that were old enough to remember. We have the chance to understand the lengths of what happened through stories from people who vividly remember the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

But our kids? Our grandchildren?

They will hear the stories, but those are stories that will lose detail over time. Don’t get me wrong – the stories of Flight 93, both World Trade centers – they will be passed down through the generations. But no matter how much we ingrain it into their brains, they will never truly understand it.

Frankly, will never truly understand.

That is what saddens me. The truth that no matter how many stories are told, how many memorials are built, only those who were actually alive and old enough to remember will truly, honest-to-god understand it.

But here is what I do understand:

Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters lost family and friends that day.

Firefighters, policemen, and regular civilians sacrificed themselves to protect and defend the rest of America.

I understand the tragedy and importance of what occurred on that dreadful day.

These are two of my favorite clips from The Newsroom. These may seem a little out of place, but I feel they serve a certain significance..

Do you have a story about 9/11? Do you remember where you were at the time?

Like it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll be sure to respond.


Create Your Own Faith-Listen to Your Heart

If there’s anything more important to me than my passions, my friends, and my family, it’s my faith.

I don’t have my faith in a labeled religion with rules laid out for me that I need to follow day for day.

My faith lies in the belief that each and every one of us can choose our own faith-if you choose to believe in God, and Heaven and Hell, and everything else-go for it! If you choose to believe in Islam, or Judaism, or any other religion. (There’s your key word) – Go for it.

Because to give it to ya straight, I don’t care what you choose to believe in, as long as #1; You don’t harm me, my friends, my family, etc., and #2; don’t try and tell me that my beliefs are wrong and that if I don’t believe in God, “I’m going to regret it”.

Because ya know somethin? I really don’t care what you think of me, or my faith. I have my own beliefs, my own “religion” so to speak, and I stand by that.

Regardless of what anybody, ,my friends, family, parents, teachers, mentors, advisors, peers, or anyone else tells me.

‘Cause guess what buddy?  I ain’t gonna listen to what you have to say about my faith if all you’re gonna do is tell me that I’m wrong and that I’m gonna be screwed in the afterlife.

Because if I am screwed in the afterlife, if there is a higher being watching our every move, then ya know what? I take more pride in the fact that I am able to stand up for what believe is right.

I apologize for my rant, but this is something very close to my heart.  I don’t need to be told what to believe.

My father sometimes tells me he regrets not having me go to church every weekend. My response? I thank him for not having me grow up being taught what to put my faith in.

Thank you dad, for allowing me to learn my lessons and learn the values that are truly close to my heart. For allowing me to truly, deeply…be my own person.  You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that I can learn who I want to be down to my very core.

Thank you for letting me truly be myself. 

My point here?

I really, truly hope that the person reading this, whoever you are…

I hope you have the ability to look at your surroundings and ask and answer the question;

“What do really think is right?” What, in my heart, not in my mind, but in my heart…do I think is important?

I’m willing to bet that not even fifteen percent of you can honestly answer that question for yourself.

And if you can, you’ve probably got one hell of a surprise waiting deep down, because what’s right in your heart, may defy what’s right in your mind. We’re taught to think logically. It might be shocking to realize that your logic isn’t actually all that logical, or true to who you are.

I encourage you to be who you want to be. I dont care what anybody else thinks as long as you can tell yourself that YOU are right.

Looking Back, I Know One Thing

So, I’m on spring break right now, and Thursday I realized something.

This is my last break before I become a Freshman in high school.

And as I look back on my 3 years of middle school, I’ve recognized something.


School is supposed to give you a good education. But an education, to me, is more than just being able to get a degree, get a job, and make a living. School, and really mostly late middle school, and probably high school (I don’t know how I would I, I haven’t been there yet) doesn’t just teach you how to solve your math problems and pass your exams.

It also helps you pass your tests.


Most of the friends we make from ages 5-18 are through school. We meet people, get to know them, start hanging out, etc.

Which means that we probably meet the people who will teach us the biggest life lessons…at school.  Some of our best friends will be the people we’ve known since third grade. Some of the people who keep you sane…you probably met because you went to school with them.

Hopefully the lessons they teach you will help you pass the stones that life will throw at you, and at the worst possible time.

My point is, I really think that school does less to help you get a job than it does to form you into the person you are today, or will become in the future.

Our teachers, mentors, friends, and peers all teach us something, in some form or another.

You may have an old mentor that taught you to be determined. 

You may have a close friend, who taught you to stand up for what you believe in. 

You may have a peer, who taught you  that reaching out and trusting your instincts can result in chaos, but someday you’ll look back at your younger self and think, “hey, that experience may have sucked, but it taught me one hell of a lesson”

You may find a friend who will teach you so much in such a short amount of time that she will change you forever. 

These people? I assure you, at least 95% of those reading this will look back and think…Yeah. I met them in high school. 

Because the experiences you have as an adolescent mold you into someone else each time. Hopefully, that person is a better you.

I don’t have a specific religion because I have my own religion, sewn from experience and my own, personal beliefs. And of all the things I believe or don’t believe, I can tell you that I believe this;

Everyone you meet, you meet for a reason. Because they’re going to change you life in some way, or you’re going to change theirs. Big or Small, for better or for worse. 

Everyone you’ve met in life, you met for a reason. You just don’t know that reason until you look back on it.   

I hope you can look back at your younger self and think, Wow, i’ve grown a lot. And I have so much more to learn. 



Have any feedback? Like the post? Hate the post? Got a comment? A life experience you’d like to share? I’ll be sure to respond. 

Whatever Happens…Well, It Happens.

Hi guys!

One of my most viewed posts in the last couple months was called Girl Drama. It was my story of lost and struggling relationships.

Well, I have a new story to share with you.


One of my fatal flaws is not being able to let go of lost relationships. I’m unable to let go of people because I’ve grown so attached to them.

Now, I’ve been like this most of my life. I know why it happens, but yet at the same time I’ve never been able to recognize when I need to just let things happen as they will.

Because of my past experiences with relationships and friends, I become too attached. At a young age I lost tears over friendships I thought were strong, but they burned away just as quickly. I find a friend who seems near to my heart, but I soon become too close for comfort. Clingy. Attached to the point where I always want to be around her…but…she doesn’t always really want to be around me.

Late this year I found myself in a similar situation.

One of my best friends(of a year and a half) moved onto high school, along with another friend. Now we texted for a while and everything but…soon I became jealous. They were spending every day together, doing what I used to do with her…with each other. My heart shattered, and even though I tried to hide it…it hurt to see them that way.

I’m not quite sure why.

Maybe it was because I had been that close with her just under a year ago…or maybe I missed her more than I thought.

For about 3 months, this went on. She stopped answering my calls, my texts. I noticed that our relationship was growing more and more distant with each passing day.

And for those 3 months, my emotions became more and more drawn out, and I became more and more desperate to try and fix what i thought had been broken. 

But at some point I had to take my own advice. Friendship isn’t a responsibility. It’s also not something that malfunctions and can be fixed with a few tweaks here and there. Not only is it a mutual contract, but it’s a process. And sometimes, when that process slows down, you have to let it rest. And then you have to let it come back to you. Not the other way around. Because trying it the other way around will just wear it out more.

It takes experience to learn that. It takes heart. Sometimes, you have to break down completely before you can rebuild yourself.

Nobody knows that until they’re forced to face it. Nobody can tell you that, because it takes true emotion to know that sometimes, and really most of the time, the tears just aren’t worth that person. No matter how close they were to you.

It’s an important virtue in life to know when the battle is over and there’s nothing more to do. But it’s a virtue that can’t be taught.


It can only be learned through experience.


The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said, and never explained.

But at some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in you life.



-Kaybae ❤ ❤ ❤

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Hey everyone!!!

So, Halloween is just around the corner, eh?

That’s an understatement.

We all know that fall is here. It’s not hard to know that from where I am. Summer festivities have ended, and we now begin to enter the holiday season.

First in line comes October 31st. The day where we dress up as what or whoever we wish, and we walk around getting candy from our neighbors. As it may be, it seems that I have grown too old for that. I’m certain I won’t want to these next two years, with the fact that I recently got my braces on. Half of the candy I will be unable to eat! However, I have planned a Halloween party.

Then we hit Thanksgiving. The day when we gather as a family and give thanks for everything we have. This is the time where we may see a cornucopia, as well as turkey, stuffing and rolls. No one cooks better than Grandma!!! XD

Finally, we reach the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas. Most will go to church that day. Others will stay at home and have fondue, while driving around to go see the light show homes around the city. (That’s what we do!). But, nevertheless, we all wake up that morning to a pile of gifts around the Christmas tree. It’s one of those annual moments that  in our lives, which we shall never forget, especially in our childhood.

So, after all of that, we end our holiday break with New Year’s Eve. Or day. Most everyone stays up until past midnight, so I haven’t a clue which one to call it.

So, as we kick off the holiday season, and begin a whole new year, tell me about your holiday plans! What’s your Halloween costume? What are you hoping to receive for Christmas? Tell me in the comments! 😀


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